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Darrell Peart and Lee Valley Tools make Greene & Greene Details easier

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

In the past Darrell has taught students to make the square holes to make the square holes for Greene & Greene style square plugs using either hand chisels or a hollow mortiser chisel. Darrell has worked with Lee Valley Tools / Veritas to come up with a set of square chisels very similar to a hollow mortise chisel.

The students in this class were working with some early production versions and they (and I) were impressed with how much simpler, cleaner and faster they made the process! Locate the square chisel; tap in to place; drill through the chisel; tap the square chisel down to depth; use the drill to clear the shavings; perhaps a little clean up work with dental picks and a fine chisel and you're done!

You can see the chisels and the process in the slideshow above. The square chisels will go on sale shortly.

Congratulations to Darrell and the Lee Valley Tool company! Darrell tells the story.

Darrell is teaching his Greene & Greene Details II in middle of April. Details I is repeated in July.