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Woodworking Help Needed - For a Good Cause

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Can you help? John, Jim and I are unable to help this very worthy cause. Is there somebody in East Jefferson County that can help? Please contact Marie.
Hello Tim,
Your name was given me by Pamela Roberts, WSU Coop Extension in Port Hadlock. Pamela and I have been coordinating services for a local man who is a quadrapalegic, following a devastating illness a year or so ago.
The program which I work for (Roads to Community Living--RCL) has purchased for him a computer with voice activation, printer, etc. This technology will be an enormous asset for him as he struggles to regain independence, network with his personal/professional network and otherwise be in touch with the broader world.
I am trying to find donated materials and labor to build for him a good bedside table to hold his computer, accessible storage and a good place for his printer. In his small home in rural Irondale, his friends built a large room with doors opening to his garden and we would like to have some components built to make this room convenient for him.
Pamela thought perhaps you or colleagues might help us and it would be much appreciated by a good man who caught a real bad break.
Thanks for your consideration.
Marie Campbell, RCL Contractor
(360) 452-3525
(360) 477-1242