Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


“The Japanese Influence on NW Style”—Dale Brotherton - March 18th at 6:30pm

Port Townsend
Lecture Series: The Art and Craft of Working with Wood

The Japanese aesthetic and the skill of Japanese woodworkers has long influenced architectural and furniture styles in the Pacific NW. A few woodworkers have traveled to Japan to immerse themselves in the tradition and to learn from the master craftsmen.

Dale Brotherton is one of those who has made the pilgrimage and returned to start a successful business building homes, teahouses,  and furniture. We first heard about Dale for the work he had been doing to restore buildings at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

Dale will be teaching several courses at the school this year so this is a great opportunity for you to be inspired by the craft of Japanese Woodworking.

Entry by at-will donation.

When: Thursday March 18th 6:30pm
Where: At the School - Building 315, Fort Worden State Park