Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Incredible Generosity!

Sometimes you just get knocked sideways! During a class, this summer, one of the students (who prefers to remain anonymous) asked us if we could use some hand planes. He had a collection that he'd like to donate.

Last week we got a call and the donor arrived at the School on Saturday. It took about 10 minutes to unload the van. We received a total of 55 hand planes all in amazing condition. We now have almost a full set of hand planes for each workbench and can consider how to help out intensive students to build up a tool kit.

Our hats off and deep gratitude. Thank you sir!

We are keen to build a reference collection of old tools. With the School's 501(c)3 status we can recognize gifts in kind at a realistic market rate. Please contact if you have some interesting old tools in great condition - we'll make sure they have a great home.