Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Bentwood Boxes with Steve Brown - Fall 2011

John Vonpronssen's Carved Box

I've always been amazed by the traditional bentwood boxes used by the First Nation's people of the Pacific NW both for the way they are constructed and the gorgeous carved and painted exteriors.

This class was two masterclasses in one. First, in making a bentwood box from some beautiful clear tight grained yellow cedar. John Vonpronssen demonstrated a router based jig and bought along a magnificent steaming box. Second, was Steve's tutorial in form line and design. Just look at the slideshow to get an idea of how the Thunderbird design evolved as Steve drew it on the board.

We'll consider offering this class in a longer form in the future - it was clear that the students  also wanted to carve the surfaces under Steve's guidance and there is not enough time in the weekend. Watch this space.