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Springtime in the West

Two weeks ago I left stormy Port Townsend wondering what I would do with myself after wood school and how I would put my education to use.  Now I'm excited to be embarking on the next seasonal chapter of my life in a new state, using my woodworking and related life skills in true homesteader fashion--repairing farm structures, sharpening garden tools, and turning into the capable handywoman I've always wanted to be.  

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Woodworking School Enrolls a First

After a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, Brandon Denning is using his G.I. Bill funding to attend the Port Townsend School of Woodworking and Preservation Trades at Fort Worden State Park. 
Brandon Denning took the long way to arrive at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking and Preservation Trades, but his G.I. Bill helped him walk through the door.

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Poplar & Pearls

"Every day I could feel my brain expanding into uncharted territory, opening up pathways for new information to trickle down like water seeping over dry ground.  I noticed patterns about myself and how I related to this skillset--first: struggle, second: slowly but surely get it, third: take off and run with it.  I saw myself steadily improving each time I repeated a technique and employed it in projects as they increased in complexity."

By Jennry Monfore,
Foundations of Woodworking Winter 2018

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John Felten: Marquetry Masterpieces

 I came to a point where I recognized that something original, something artistic and creative was missing from my projects. Since taking the class in July of 2012 my own personal woodworking path has taken a definite change. I have found that marquetry takes a well crafted wooden art form to a different level of personal expression.  A box or a tray becomes a canvas for something just a little bit more than a box or a tray.  

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