Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Beavers, Beauty, and Bicycles

The sun has finally returned, at least for a mid-March morning, bringing light and love off the snowy Olympics down to the sound and through the large window beside me.  As a student in the inaugural run of the school’s Furniture Making Intensive, it is easy to feel like a beaver stowed away in his lodge chewing bark as winter rages outside, paying mind only to their design drawings, cutlist and project schedule.  But a morning such as this calls one to poke their head out of the woodpile and take-in that which inspires and guides (at least for this beaver).

Colin Kaferle, Furniture Intensive, Winter 2017

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Poplar & Pearls

"Every day I could feel my brain expanding into uncharted territory, opening up pathways for new information to trickle down like water seeping over dry ground.  I noticed patterns about myself and how I related to this skillset--first: struggle, second: slowly but surely get it, third: take off and run with it.  I saw myself steadily improving each time I repeated a technique and employed it in projects as they increased in complexity."

By Jennry Monfore,
Foundations of Woodworking Winter 2018

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New Work Benches

Do you remember the first time you admired the smooth, clean lines of a new workbench? How the weight and stability were ready to hold the work for any project you could dream of?  And the feeling it inspired that you could build anything? Today, we ask for your support to help us build 10 student workbenches, a teaching bench and to fill the benches with high quality hand tools.

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What's Next for the Tiny Homes?

Last Friday, our team of students & instructors said farewell to the traditionally framed structures they had spent the past month working on as the Tiny Homes Building Class drew to a close.  For those who want to follow the next steps in the process, Raphael Berrios and Amy Sleeper (builders/owners of one of the structures) have a great blog where they are documenting the experience of building their own "tiny timber frame" home.  Check it out and follow along! 

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