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By Hand and Eye - the Movie!


This movie is perfect and the story behind it is perfect too! (Cheesy but true).

Othello "othie" the Newfoundland covered in wood shavings.

Othello "othie" the Newfoundland covered in wood shavings.

Animator Andrea Love met Jim Tolpin when she took our Foundation of Woodworking 12-week intensive in the Fall of 2013. Andrea was inspired by Jim's teaching during the class and Jim was inspired by Andreas's glorious stop motion videos for her brother and mother. 

Fast forward, Jim hires Andrea and creativity runs gloriously amok. Andrea's woodworking skills helped her build the 1/12 scale model of Jim's shop for shooting the animation. 

Where the story gets even better - Andrea just announced her engagement to Alex Moro, who is a graduate of our first ever Foundation Course back in 2011. The first School marriage! 

We hope this will inspire you to read Jim's book or take a class with Jim.

Don't miss your chance to learn from Jim in person!

By Hand and Eye
A weekend design seminar with Jim Tolpin 

March 21 - 22, 2015

"The design language of the ancient artisans united their tool and skill set into a whole greater than its parts. Understanding the way ratios can be derived from nature (and especially the human form) informed their intuition and allowed them to quickly develop harmoniously proportions and sweet curves. Join us for a mind-bending journey into “design at the point of a tool”. " -Jim Tolpin

Details & Registration

Tiny pinned mortise and tennons for Jim's shop door!

Tiny pinned mortise and tennons for Jim's shop door!

Andrea Love is an illustrator, animator, knitter, and alumna of our Foundations of Woodworking course.  See more of her quirky animations on farming and harpsichords at andreaanimates.com