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Rafter Tail Table with Darrell Peart

Darrell Peart is teaching his new Rafter Tail Table class at the School this week (6/25-6/29, 2012). Most of the students are making a couple of tables and will have the templates to make more when the go home at the end of the week.

Everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves. Darrell's excellent preparation of stock and thoughtfully designed jigs makes the setup and running of this class straightforward. The progress is impressive.

If you are in Port Townsend this week feel free to stop by and say hello to Darrell and the class. If you're not able to make it here - enjoy the slideshow. We're adding more pictures each day.

On Friday, as with all our weeklong classes, we hold a potluck lunch at noon. It's open to everyone - feel free to come along. Salads from the


or bread from

Pane D'Amore

are always welcome. Home cooking scores big brownie points!

Late update: we're going to the Banana leaf downtown instead of doing the potluck at the School. Join us there.