Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Introduction to Mask Carving - with Steve Brown

Mitch and Mike left a little early and missed being in the Class photo.

Small class size is a mixed blessing but what a gift for the students in this class! Everyone got a lot of personal tuition from Steve and made significant progress - Steve was very impressed.

Watching Steve carve is a real joy - an amazing combination of delicacy, precision and power. I stopped by several times during each course and the evolution and refinement of each design was clear at each step and the increased confidence with the tools. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished masks.

We're running a longer version of this class in August - you should be able to complete the carving and decorate the mask in that class. It'll be exciting to see the refinement and clear definition of the form lines in those masks.

Short slide show of the class - Images by Chris Artman and Tim Lawson: