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Foundation Course 2012 - Week 1

Three Legged Stool - Week 1
The 2012 Foundation Course started on January 9th, 2012 (where does the time go?).

We have a wonderful bunch of people on the course from around the world, the country and the region!

Sasha flew in from the Ukraine bringing his wife Svetlana and daughter Katrina with him! In getting Sasha to join us we've established that anybody can get a visa and join us for an avocational course. We cleared this with INS and have a copy of the appropriate regulations if you want to join us for a course!

Ryan drove across country from New York and Alec flew down from Juneau. Sam join us from Vancouver, WA; Colin from Portland, OR; Jim from Bainbrdige Island, Mary from Poulsbo; Boone from Olympia leaving Ben as the only Local!

The first week established several firsts: the largest Foundation Course yet (nine out of a possible ten students); our first Green Woodworking class; everybody made a piece of furniture in their first week in class; and we had our first potluck Friday lunch outside!

Plus we got Charlie Smith in to mill up a whole bunch of Doug Fir and Cedar for future projects at the School and at the Fort.