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Woodworking for Women - June 2011

Matha Collins, yet again, inspires and enthuses a diverse crowd of women from around the country.

From 2011-06-04 Woodworking for Women

From Florida, Texas and Alaska - three of these women traveled to Port Townsend to take Martha's Woodworking for Women class. We're deeply honoured that they chose Martha and the Port Townsend School of Woodworking to take the class. It is also a great tribute to Martha's abilities as teacher that they gave us comments like:
"I was thinking about the class as I drove home and decided I did not add enough adjectives to my paper response. Actually Martha was terrific, wonderful, funny and great! Besides just learning the basics, she gave us tons of tips on how to make things easier or better. It was well worth the money.
I was so impressed at how your benches were set up, tools available, etc. 
It was a great experience and I will certainly be back for more."
Thanks for the encouragement Debbie.