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Building an Azumaya with Dale Brotherton

Close to it's final resting place

In the five days, leading up to the Timberframer's Guild Western Conference, Dale Brotherton has been teaching a course on building an Azumaya (a "garden watching structure") at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

The course was attended by a mixture of timberframers, contractors and enthusiasts. The class has been a revelation to everybody. The students have been working hard and learning through creating the structure. Dale had spent much of the previous week preparing the package. At the beginning of the class the students helped Dale unload the Port Orford Cedar, used for the beams and rafters and Red Cedar boards used for the roofing.

It's a real tribute to Dale's skill that the students produced good tight joinery and that the structure went together smoothly Plus all the wooden members of the board were planed smooth - never has a timberframed building felt so good!.

As you'll see from the slide show Mother Nature turned fickle and started raining during the assembly session this afternoon. Our good friends at Centrum helped out by lending us some large poles used to support scenery - and delivering them to the School - I think we owe them a beer or two. These poles allowed Dale and the students to sling a tarp over the structure and keep working.

The Azumaya will be auctioned off at the Timberframer's Guild Auction on Saturday April 14th at the Fort Worden Commons. They worked with Dale to supply all the timber. My thanks to Joel McCarty and all the folks at the Guild for their help.

Update and clarification:
Pacific NW Timbers (based in Port Townsend) donated the lumber for the Azumaya to the Timber Framers Guild. The Guild in turn gave it to us for the course. We in turn donated the completed Azumaya back to the Timber Framers Guild for their auction on the Saturday Night of the Western Conference. At the Auction I was the only bidder for the Azumaya. My wife Teresa got a wonderful birthday present. My thanks to the 14 or so members of the Guild who help carry the Azumaya into our front yard. We hope to have it installed soon!

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