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Studio Visit: Tim Celeski - High End Outdoor Furniture

Tim Celeski's Small Outdoor Bench (this is a class project)

Tim Celeski generously opened up his studio as part of the Foundation Class's Bainbridge Island Studio Tour. Tim's shop, as is his work, is planned in incredible detail. Workflow and airflow were major factors in the layout of the shop. You'll see major extractor fans in the sanding area - that sawdust is headed for the great outside! Tim's inspiration comes from Greene and Greene - square plugs and other subtle details.

Tim selected, and has done an incredible job of filling, the niche of high end outdoor furniture. Furniture that is amazingly comfortable, functional and exists happily out of doors from Seattle to Southernmost California. See Tim's work on his website.

Tim's other passion is workbenches - he has run the WorkBenchDesign.net for many years. Read, enjoy, drool. We're still working on getting him to teach a workbench building class at the School. 2012?