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Double Sided Tape - getting it right

Product recommendation or shop tip? We hesitate to do product recommendations but sometimes we just need to share something that works really well for us in the shop.

Double sided or Double stick tape is an essential shop supply. A good double stick tape should be easy to use - tear or cut easily, grip well and be easy to remove, leaving no residue. Most hardware stores only stock carpet tape or double sided foam tapes - these have to be cut, the backing tape fought off and then the residue scraped off or scrubbed off with a solvent. No fun!

When I was at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (back in 2001) I was introduced to Intertape's  591 Double Coated Paper Tape. You can easily tear it with your fingers, strip off the backing tape with a thumbnail and it peels off easily - leaving no residue. I've found it to be very reliable in the shop for holding temporary jig fixtures in place, making mockups or maquettes, putting up posters in the shop. The pressure sensitive adhesive is just that if you use a clamp to press down the two pieces you're joining you'll have a tough time prying them apart.

If you can share a case of tapes with your friends you can get it for about $4.80 a roll. Otherwise Google or Amazon are your friends.