Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Jaap Romijn - Designer, Maker and Creative Force

Port Townsend is blessed with a wonderful array of craftspeople. In this occasional series we'll highlight them. Plus we can be bribed - Undertown Coffees are a great currency.

Jaap Romijn emigrated to the US from Holland many moons ago and put himself through college working as a gardener. He's also worked as a street entertainer. Art and sculpture have been his first loves and that creativity shines through to his furniture.

Jaap moved to Port Townsend in the mid oughties and setup his shop in Glen Cove (just up the street from my shop). I've enjoyed getting to know Jaap and and delighted that we're working on a project together. I'm always inspired when I visit his shop.

In this short slideshow you'll see a stunning live edge sideboard; wonderful simple plywood bikes he's making for his daughter Rebecca's twins; a scrapwood chair which he hopes will make the Port Townsend Woodworker's Show next month and other neat stuff happening in his shop.