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Summer Classes Update

Summer is finally here at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. As usual it arrived the day after Independence Day - it was too cold to watch the fireworks. Now we're getting warm but not as hot as the rest of the country!

Its looking like most of the folks in the NW prefer to spend their summer out of doors so we're down to just a few classes - but really great classes. There are some spaces in all of these classes:
  • Greene and Greene Details I with Darrell Peart  7/17-18
    First in the next round of Darrell's classes exploring Greene and Greene details. Darrell shares the secrets of his production techniques for those characteristic details
  • Coopering with Steve Habersetzer  7/24-25
    Make a cedar stave bucket by hand:split the staves with a froe; shape the staves with an ax; bevel on a cooper's plane; rivet the straps; assemble!
    Everything used to be shipped in barrels - we'll try making barrels too. Great fun and a good part of it outdoors!
  • Greene and Greene Details 2 with Darrell Peart  8/14-15
    Round two of Darrell's renowned Greene and Greene classes - various draw pulls, foolproof finger joints and base straps. No need to take Details I first.
  • Build a Gypsy Wagon with Jim Tolpin and Steve Habersetzer  9/3-5
    This class is developing quite a following! Your chance to learn how to design and build a traditional vardo. Covers everything from the choices for a trailer bed to the canvas for a hoop top wagon.
Like the New Style?
We've updated the look of the School's main Website and the School's Blog to this great new scheme designed by Megan Foley. Thanks Megan!

Great Places in Port Townsend
We find that at some point in every class there is the inevitable question about where are the best places to eat, drink or "Where can my wife go?"

To whet your appetite we're put together this annotated Google Map listing good restaurants, bars, coffee bars, and other neat stuff. The list is idiosyncratic and biased (its the places we like) but we hope it will help you plan your trip to the School. It's also a work in progress - we'll keep updating it.