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Carbon Offset Tour - June 18th 2010

Port Townsend School of Woodworking

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking is delighted to help promote the Carbon Offset Tour on June 18th 2010. We think that helping woodlot owners to receive cash for a commitment to leaving trees on the stump is major incentive to preserve trees and to sequester carbon. The bigger the tree the more carbon dioxide it takes out of the atmosphere; helping offset the amount of carbon we each burn every year.

The Northwest Natural Resource Group is based here in Port Townsend and they are pioneers in small scale carbon offset programs, plus they are group certification organization for the Forest Stewardship Council. The Carbon Offset Tour is a series of presentation followed by a guided tour of several small(ish) private woodlands. Inspiring and informative - highly recommended.

The School's new non profit board includes Shelley French (NNRG's Financial Director and Operations Manager) plus we're partnering with then on some grant applications.

You can read more here.

I plan to be there - hope to see you!