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Governor Gregoire uses Lawson's Lectern

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Washington Governor Christine Gregoire visited Port Townsend on April 22nd. The Governor visited the NW Maritime Center to unveil a plaque commemorating Captain Vancouver's charting of the West Coast of North America. The plaque was placed by the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the Canadian and Spanish counterparts.

All the speakers presented from Tim Lawson's Winged Lectern which he presented to Centrum (the arts organization at Fort Worden) and was loaned to the NW Maritime Center for the occasion. The lectern has been flying around locations in the City!

Here's a picture of Governor Gregoire at the Lectern on an amazingly sunny afternoon.

(We're not sure who took the image but will be delighted to give credit if they'll own up!)
Update 4/28/2010: Scott Wilson - publisher of the Port Townsend Leader took the picture. Read the full story here.