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Success in Smallish Increments

We'd like to thank John Edwards for all the effort he put in to the Woodworking for Kids Program at the School. It was a great start - the kids who came had a great time and we learnt a lot about running a kids program. The major lesson we learned was to step back and let John do it. John has a wonderful way with kids, the patience of an elephant (or is it memory) and, now, a wonderful array of kid scale tools.

John has attracted the attention of the local "Y" (YMCA) and will be running an afterschool woodworking program when he returns from a well earned month in Thailand. Check in back here is a few weeks and we'll have posted a link to John's new website.

John will be back at the school at Halloween as part of the Fort's celebration. We'll have the school open and will invite the kids into make Spiders, Ghouls and other things that go bonk in the night. Just don't let Susan know - or she'll be there with her poker.

We're also hoping to get John back between Christmas to New Years to allow overwrought parents to let the kids come and make sawdust each day.

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