Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Hand tools at every workbench

Lee Valley has enabled us to equip each bench with complete sets of hand tools. Lee Valley has also helped with the teaching hand tools you'll see around the school.

We're beyond delighted. We'd been struggling with tool lists and requiring many beginning woodworkers to go out and purchase tools before they have experience with handtools. Buying a set of tools before a course can easily add several hundred dollars to the cost of a course (beyond accommodation and travel). We think that this helps reduce the cost of entry for anybody deciding to explore woodworking - you don't need to make an initial investment in tools before you take the course.

Once you have learnt woodworking, using the (very) high quality tools that Lee Valley makes under their Veritas brand, you can then make your purchase decisions based on that experience.

If you already have a some of the tools on the tool list for a course feel free to bring them along and tune them up and see how they perform.

Our deepest thanks to Robin Lee of Lee Valley Tools for this incredibly generous help.

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