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Some updates...

We've been doing fine tuning to some of our classes this session. (I have to remind myself we're a little over two weeks in to the session but......)

Introduction to Furniture Design

We've renamed the "Quick Mockups for Furniture Design" to "Introduction to Furniture Design" - this is a better name for the course and reflects the true intent of the course. We're still going to make mockups - 'cos it's way too much fun. Check it out here

Making S'Klallam Carving Knives

We're rethinking our approach to the Traditional crafts program and are reducing the price point. We want to encourage folks to learn and appreciate these traditional skills.

The knives that Jeff and Jerry make are amazing carving tools. These bent knives are double sided and cut in both directions. You can use them two handed or single handed. The curved back of the knife can ride on the wood adjacent to the cut for silky smooth cuts. And you can shift a lot of material fast!

Learn how to make these knives with Jeff and Jerry and then come back in the Summer to learn how to use them.

Check the website for details

Victorian Millwork: Interior and Exterior

I finally managed to pin Seb Eggert down and we finished planning the Victorian Millwork course.

Wow! We're going introduce you to the anatomy of a Victorian House and then visit three primo examples at the Fort and in town. This will be like the Victorian House Tour but with a real expert! On the second day we'll take a close look the details of assembling the millwork and, hopefully, each student will make a replica Victorian bulkhead.

Plus we're reducing the price to reflect that this is a largely lecture and visit course.

More here

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