Port Townsend School of Woodworking
Preserving the Tradition


Roll up, Rollup!

The electrical contractors start work tomorrow and it looks like all the other tasks needed to complete the work before the school can be opened are under control. Well they're doing a perfect impression of being under control.

So we're going to open up registration. You can now sign up for any of the courses.

In this first term in our new home we are trying out variations on a course to give you the option of signing up for a week day or weekend version.

We want to know what works best for you. If you see a course that you want to take and the dates don't work for you - let us know and we'll ferret away that information and try to include your needs as we work on the schedule for the rest of the year.

If you would like a course that is not on offer - let us know. It may be in our plans for next term or we may like the idea enough to add it.

If you've looked closely at our class schedule you'll that this Spring's classes are all focussed on hand tools and small power tools. In April / May we'll get the second room in the Old Power House we add the big stationary power tools. But not too big - no three phase machine or top line professional tools - just the tools you'd expect in a single person furniture shop.

The one high end exception we hope to make is a SawStop table saw - we believe in being safe and providing you with the safest possible environment to learn woodworking.
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