Tom Henscheid

An Idaho native, Tom  received a BFA in fine art in 1976, moved to Whidbey Island in 1977 to build houses, and cabinetry, After a few years working at a shipyard in Seattle as a “furniture” maker, working primarily with stainless steel, Tom started his own company making custom furniture, cabinetry, and custom architectural components, mostly from wood,  but often mixed media projects for northwest contemporary homes drew from his eclectic talents. Since 1999, tom has worked with DLH Inc. as master craftsman, and spends a great deal of time formulating unique finishes and architectural details for Seattle homes. The one constant through 40 years of craft has been his passion for turning. With turning he has learned the most about wood, about finishes, and mostly about himself. Through turning he has learned to quiet his mind, relax his hands, and listen to the conversation with wood.

Tom has given countless workshops on turning, and has been the primary turning instructor at Pratt art school in Seattle. He has been a guest lecturer on wood finishes, metal patinas, and hand tool woodworking at Evergreen State College and at the University of Washington. He has been a continuing education presenter for the American Institute of Architects, on materials and finish specifications. 




Location: Seattle, WA