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Tim Lawson


Tim Lawson

FOUNDER, Sculptural Furniture Maker


I retired as Executive Director of the School in June 2017. After a break from the School I assumed a new role, teaching in 2018. My skills have gotten rusty in my ten years running the School and now I have time to hone them up. I'm looking forward to exploring turning and sculpture over the next few years.

Feel free to contact me directly if you want to catch up with me! Contact info at lower right.

This is my old bio - I'll update it as my path come clearer. 

Tim is a graduate of the Intensive Furniture Making course at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.

"I build sculptural furniture using a mixture of techniques including: steam bent double tapered laminations; coopered sections (double curved pieces made of solid wood); traditional joinery. All joints and most surfaces are shaped by planes, rasps or by spokeshave. The final blending done with either card scrapers or by sanding. I use a wet rubbed oil/varnish finish to create a lustrous satin look that pops the grain and feels wonderful to the touch."

"I draw my inspiration from winged creatures. The flick of a raised wing, the curve of a swan's breast and the open wings of a resting butterfly may all be seen in my work. I blend these graceful and powerful curves into elegant, functional furniture.

"I use and celebrate the natural diversity of line and colour in the grain of North American hardwoods. "I am currently building a range of stands and music stands. I welcome commissions for custom furniture that seeks and demands the grace and elegance of curved forms."



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