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Steve Habersetzer


Steve Habersetzer 


Steve is a self-taught, artisan woodworker of over 40 years. His skills and designs reflect a deep interest in ecological problem solving with a specialty in non-toxic construction and finishing.

"All of my work is with solid woods -- no veneers, plywoods or particle boards. Finishes are boiled linseed, beeswax or tung oil. Frame and panel construction with book-matched panels is a tradework of my craft."

Steve's body of work is diverse: from the elegant simplicity of a handmade cedar bucket to the complexity of a Gypsy Wagon that incorporates his skills in both interior and exterior design and construction. He has been commissioned by storytellers, artists, musicians, and would be gypsies to build the beautiful and functional caravans. 




Phone: 360-385-2135