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Mary May


Mary May

Mary May is a professional woodcarver and teacher in Charleston, SC. She has journeyed from learning carving, to carving as a profession, to teaching carving - although daily she still does all three.

Mary studied with various master European woodcarvers to learn the traditional techniques and designs that have been used for centuries. She takes on commissions with furniture makers, architects, and designers to embellish and decorate their work.

Mary has an online video school with nearly 200 instructional videos (a new one added every week), several DVDs, and teaches at a variety of woodworking schools in both the US and Germany. She is the author of Carving the Acanthus Leaf by Lost Art Press.



E-mail: marymaycarving@yahoo.com
Phone: 843-200-9469
Website: www.marymaycarving.com
Location: Charleston, SC