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John Edwards


John Edwards

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I’ve enjoyed wood crafting as far back as I can remember. As a natural innovator, my curriculum develops in response to the skills and interests of the individual students. I began seriously instructing crafts as a teen. I have professionally instructed classes in drawing, printing, musical instrument making, clay, and wood-crafting. I have always enjoyed instructing and mentoring as a performing art.

I have also worked in residential construction as a carpenter / manager. My greatest joys have come from helping up-and-coming carpenters develop their skills. In doing so I would place the challenging work details ahead of them and keep their work day interesting, while for myself, overseeing the job as a whole and maintaining continuity on site. Some of my favorite work includes landscape structures, architectural features and non-linear constructions.

I like to simplify technique and use hand-tools. This often leads to what I believe to be a more compassionate work environment. I have work displayed and functioning in many homes, commercial settings, Disneyland, L.A., and at the Portland Children's Museum. 

My hand-made skateboard from the 60's is incorporated into the latter. I have also made several surfboards, both functional and decorative. During the summers the Port Townsend School of Woodworking sometimes offers youth classes such as Wildlife Habitat Boxes, Skateboard Making and drop-in woodworking for youths. At the school we aim to increase youth woodworking activities and develop our association with the 4H Organization, and The Maritime Center as well as with other youth-oriented organizations in our community.



Location: Port Townsend, WA