To inspire a life-long passion for craftsmanship through
education in woodworking and traditional building trades.

Learn from the Best

We bring the best woodworkers from around the country and Puget Sound to Port Townsend. Learn from highly skilled and inspiring instructors like Jim Tolpin Garrett Hack, Peter Galbert, and  Jeff Miller.

Hand Tool Woodworking 

Working wood by hand is meditative, restorative and fun. Have your first experience of hand tools using truly sharp, well maintained tools. Listen for that perfect zing as a hand plane takes fine cut.

Intimate and Friendly Classes

Small class sizes give you a lot of one on one time with our instructors. Work at your own workbench in n our warm well-lit benchroom. Dine at our picnic table or in the Commons Cafe.


Spectacular Setting

Located at the NE tip of the  Olympic Peninsula in Washington State,  the school is nestled on a hill at Fort Worden State Park. Join other students and performers at this center for life long education, performing arts, fine craft, and outdoor recreation. 

News from the Chopping Block

January & February

Jim Tolpin's 
Weekend Hand tool Classes

Hand Saw Essentials
Hand Plane Essentials
Hand Cut Dovetails 
Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon 
By Hand and Eye 
Instructor: Matthew Straughn-Morse

Coming Courses

Believe in preserving the tradition?