What our students Say...

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This is the first time I ever put some of these tools in my hands. It was amazing how well and easy they work when shown the correct way.
— From Joinery Essentials with Abel Dances
It exceeded my expectations and drove all of the anxiety from 7th grade shop out of me.
— from Hand Tool Heaven with Jim Tolpin
I made friends, gained a hobby and a memory that will never die.
— Green Woodworking with Steve Habersetzer
I learned from my mistakes and the members of the class were all willing to share opinions about their successes and problems.
— from Steam-bent Boxes with Steve Brown
I feel so much more confident to explore other types of hand work now, I can see how the work ethic and measured practice that I’ve learned from woodworking applies to other things I do.
— from Foundations of Woodworking 12 week intensive