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Tim Swanberg


Tim Swanberg

Born and raised in Seattle I now live in Ovando, a small town in western Montana, with my wife and two daughters.  I studied biology, receiving a BA from Whitman College in 1991 and a MS from the University of Montana in 1996.  Soon after completing these studies, I became extremely interested in woodworking, largely due to exposure to work by exceptional woodworkers in Missoula.  I began building furniture and cabinetry professionally in 1998, learning techniques and design skills from mentors, reading, and from courses at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

My work uses traditional and contemporary elements and over the years has come to incorporate techniques that distance me from exclusive use of machinery.  One of these techniques, marquetry, has become a favorite way to humanize what typically is a strictly functional form.  I view my work not as a competitive alternative to commercially produced furniture, but as a reminder to me and others that everyday objects in our lives can be made of beautiful natural materials, and that the hand of the maker should proudly be apparent. My work, which is largely commissioned, has appeared in Fine Woodworking Magazine, Woodworker West and the Missoulian.

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Email: swanbergwoodworking@gmail.com
Phone: (406) 793-5038
Location: Ovando, MT