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Thea Eck


Thea Eck

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Thea A. Eck owns Hosta Designs and teaches CAD/CAM and machining techniques. Previously she worked in education at ShopBot Tools.

With an undergraduate and master’s degree in Fine Arts, she approaches digital fabrication from a conceptual art background, viewing the machine as another tool used to execute ideas. “Digital fabrication is now found in every avenue of making, from hobby woodworking to high school engineering programs to architecture design/build companies. CNC is not a substitute or crutch for good design. Like any tool or method of construction, one builds a solid foundation by dedicating the hours of learning, experimenting, and repetition.” 

Thea’s work includes simple objects for the home that engage a busy life, art objects, and architecture commissions as well as furniture and toys for her daughter and husband. She received her BAFA in ceramics from Alfred University’s New York State School of Ceramics and her MFA in Fine Arts from University of Michigan.

As a mixed media artist she’s had solo and group shows at galleries and museums and has been awarded numerous research grants. As an armchair historian Thea loves all things related to 19th and early 20th century polar exploration. She makes her home in Ann Arbor, Michigan and sits on the board of A2Geeks, a nonprofit that seeks to foster and promote tech/geek culture in southeast Michigan.