intensive Courses

Scholarships are available for:

Scholarship Conditions

Student Profile

  • Citizen or legal resident of the United States or Canada

Education / experience

  • High school woodshop graduate
  • Or home schooled with demonstrated skills
  • Or equivalent woodworking experience 


We only accept online applications. 
Please prepare the following before starting the application:

  • A brief statement of why you want to take this course and how you propose to use the skills in  250 - 400 words. Simple concise prose is good.
  • If you have woodworking experience, please share a portfolio of your work - use an online gallery like Google Photos or Flickr and submit the link in the form. The gallery should contain no more than 20 images of a variety of your work. 
    The images should be simple uncluttered views of the pieces. Please do not Photoshop. There is no need for professional images. Good images are more important than image size; but the minimum size should around 1000px.
  • Three references:  Please seek their permission and contact information before submitting your application. We will call the references soon after you submit your application - please ensure that they will be available the week of interviews.
    • Some conditions on the references:
      • No immediate family (do not use your parents or siblings as references)
      • At least one reference should directly address your woodworking skills. 

Scholarship conditions

  • Scholarships may cover up to 35% of the tuition fees for one of the school's 12-week intensives and up to 25% for our 4 week courses.
  • The amount of the award will be dependent on available funding.
  • Recent awards have been in the 15-25% range.
  • The scholarships are for tuition fees only. Students are responsible for their accommodations, meals and transportation during the course.
  • Materials charges during the 12- week courses will be responsibility of the student and are expected to be between $250 and $500 depending on project and wood choices.

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking is licensed as a Washington State Private Vocational School. We offer options to take this class vocationally or avocationally.

If you have questions about the scholarship application or course details: please feel free to contact Program Manager Ann Eastwood by email or by phone 360-344-4455.

Scholarship agreement

Scholarship recipients are asked to sign an agreement to give back to the school in the following ways: 

  1. Complete a pre and post survey at the beginning and end of the class
  2. Write personalized thank you letters to scholarship fund donors for funds received.
  3. Create a school blog entry about your experience while you are still in the class or speak about your experience at an event. 
  4. Work with PTSW staff to establish an alumni profile about your experiences on our website and check back in a year to update what you have been doing. 
  5. Allow the school to use your story, images of you and the work created during the course and after graduation. All use will be fully accredited.
  6. Provide honest and direct feedback during and after the Course. This feedback will be key in further developing and enhancing the class

How to Apply

Fall 2018 OPEN
Closing date: Friday, June 15, 2018 8:00pm (PST) 

Interviews will be scheduled between June 20 - June 22, 2018.
Scholarship decisions will be communicated no later than June 27, 2018.
If you need an early decision on a scholarship please let us know in your application and by email as soon as possible.

Winter 2018 OPEN
Closing date: Friday, September 21, 2018 8:00pm (PST)
Interviews will be scheduled between September 26 - 28, 2018
Scholarship decisions will be communicated no later than October 3, 2018
If you need an early decision on a scholarship please let us know in your application and by email as soon as possible.