Randy Johnson

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Randy Johnson currently works as Director of Education for ShopBot Tools, Inc.,
where he helps schools integrate CNC technology into 
their programs. 

Randy also presents and teaches at a dozen or more ShopBot user group meetings around the U.S. Randy holds a B.S. degree in K-12 Art Ed and an M.A. degree in Secondary Ind. Tech Ed. 

Prior to joining ShopBot in 2012, Randy was the Editor-in-Chief at American Woodworker magazine where he also wrote a series of articles on CNC woodworking. Theses articles can be viewed and downloaded at  www.Americanwoodworker.com/CNC

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In 2013 Randy taught a “CNC Primer” class at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship.

Randy makes his home in Minnesota where he sails in the summer and ice bikes in the winter, in the fall he just walks.


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Email: randy.johnson@shopbottools.com
Location: North Carolina