Out of Square

Seth Rolland

LEVELS 2, 3, and 4


Class Description

Seth Rolland enjoys making both simple and complex furniture and, especially, relishes the challenge of creating new designs. The problem solving associated with turning a new design into a finished piece is his favorite part of the being a furnituremaker.

Making complex curved elements for a piece of furniture is always a challenge. How do you make a smoothly curved pedestal?  Do I need to steam bend or laminate this curved piece?

This course is intended to push experienced woodworkers to experiment with new forms and non-rectilinear shapes.  This course will start with a review of challenging and provocative furniture. We'll look at how to design and how to generate curved forms. We'll encourage you to think of shapes or forms that you want to make but have never dared,and we will work with you figure out the best way to make them. 

We will take those rough ideas, explore their possibilities and refine them with models and prototypes. Through these exercises and demonstrations you will increase your vocabulary by adding new forms, techniques and shapes to you repertoire.


This class is open to both Intermediate and Advanced woodworkers. Check out our definitions on the Level page. At a minimum we need to be sure that you have worked safely with the larger woodworking machines (table saw and band saw). We do a safety check out at the beginning of the course.

For Intermediate woodworkers we give you a great environment to learn new skills and to start to stretch your design skills in to new realms.

For Advanced woodworkers, you can consider this as a weeklong retreat / sabbatical, to refine your skills, and add advanced techniques to you repertoire. Where you have a great mentor to explore new possibilities without the interruptions of day-to-day life.

Regardless of your level of skills Seth can encourage, inspire and push you to new levels.

Seth emphasizes that if you have skills in other visual arts - pottery, sculpture, painting or drawing you'll find that experience helps. 

Class Information and Registration

Class starts at 9:00am on the first day.


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Class size: 10

Cost: $700

Materials Charge: $75

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