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Michael Dresdner


Michael Dresdner

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Michael Dresdner is a nationally known finishing and woodworking expert, the author of Restoration Clinic;  The Woodfinishing Book;  The New Wood Finishing Book;  Build Like a Pro: Painting and Finishing; and Wood Finishing Fixes as well as four videos and two DVDs on wood finishing. He appeared as Contributing Editor on the mastheads of Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Woodworker Magazine, and Woodworker’s Journal, and was the founder and host of a weekly online finish chat. He wrote the Just Finishing column for American Woodworker Magazine for over seven years, and the Finishing Thoughts column for Woodworker’s Journal for more than 12 years. Both were byline columns. During one five-year period he wrote answers to over 8,000 questions for the www.woodanswers.com website blog, and edited the Woodworker’s Journal eZine, an award-winning online woodworking magazine with over a quarter of a million subscribers. 

He is former Director of Research and Development for Martin Guitar Company, the former founding CEO of Tacoma Guitar Co, and has taught and lectured extensively for a wide range of guilds, colleges and organizations including the Smithsonian Institution, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, AWFS, Seattle Central College, Renton Technical College, American Institute of Organbuilders and The Architectural Woodworking Institute, to name just a few. 



Email: mmdresdner@gmail.com