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Jay Haavik


Jay Haavik


The instructor, Jay Haavik, has extensive experience in Viking age woodcarvings. In early 2000 he studied woodcarving at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo (home of the Oseberg Viking Ship). 

Since then he has traveled extensive Norway to undertake various woodcarving jobs.

In 2006 he carved a stave church panel at the Burgundy Stave Church in Laerdal,
Norway. In 2010 he was hired by the New Oseberg Ship Foundation,Tonsberg, Norway, to be the lead carver in the making of a replica of the Oseberg Ship using only Viking age tools
and techniques. Since then, he has returned many times to undertake various carving jobs.
(see http://jayhaavik.com)

A full time studio artist, Jay Haavik’s work extends nationally and internationally. Much of his work reflects indigenous and older traditional cultures, especially those of the Vikings and the Northwest Coast Native peoples. 

In the late 1990s, after several trips to Norway, he became excited and enthralled by the wood carvings from the Viking era.

In June, 2010 Jay was hired by the New Oseberg Foundation in Norway to be the lead carver in the making of a replica of the Oseberg Viking Ship

Jay has worked extensively in Norway, studying and working at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and at theBorgund Stave Church.

Some blog posts about Jay's public art work in the Seattle area:

Question: Which books most influenced you as a woodworker?

carving viking.JPG
  • The Art of Scandinavia Vol. I & II, Peter Anker

  • Viking Art, David Wilson

  • The Viking Ships, A.W.Brogger and Haakon Shetleig

  • Osebergfundet Vol. I-IV, A.W. Btoggerr, Haakon Schetelig

These are the primary accurate books on Viking Art. I have spent hours re-reading them and studying their photos, especially Osebergfundet Vol. III.



Website: www.jayhaavik.com
Location: Seattle, WA