Hand Tool Woodworking

Get Started Using Hand Tools

Working by hand allows you to feel and understand the nature and grain of wood. We believe woodworkers should start their journey to craftsmanship by learning to use hand tools. Like a musician, precision and fluency come from a combination of good technique and practice.

We teach traditional techniques, refined by our experience, for the selection, use, sharpening and maintenance of hand tools; joinery; furniture making and finishing.

Hand Tool Woodworking Series

Week-Long Hand Tool Series:

  1. Hand Tool Heaven, Dimensioning with Hand Planes
  2. Hand Tool Heaven, Joinery with Saws and Chisels
  3. Hand Tool Heaven, Joinery Intensive
  4. Traditional Traveling Tool Chest, and Build a Side Table

Weekend Beginning Hand Tool Series:

  1. Hand Saw Essentials
  2. Hand Plane Essentials
  3. Hand Cut Dovetails
  4. Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon

These classes are developed and designed by Jim Tolpin and Matthew Straughn-Morse. The instructors are Steve Eastwood, Matthew Straughn-Morse and Raphael Berrios

Each course can be taken separately; however, these are our recommendations for a course series.


Jim Tolpin's Weekend Hand Tool Series

Our weekend Hand Tool Woodworking Series was created by Jim Tolpin.  Jim's easing into retirement, but not to worry! Steve Eastwood is carrying on with Jim's curriculum.


Hand Tool Heaven, Dimensioning with Hand Planes

Steve Eastwood
5 Days, Level 1

Get the foundations of hand tool woodworking in a single class. Based on Jim Tolpin’s book “The New Traditional Woodworker.”
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Hand Tool Heaven, Joinery with Saws and Chisels

5 Days, Level 1

This class expands on those basic skills with an introduction to the essential joinery techniques you'll need to start building projects and furniture. Learn the fundamentals of layout, sawing, and chisel work.
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Joinery Essentials 

Specialty Hand Tool Woodworking

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