Hand TOol Heaven II: Joinery


Level 1



This 5 day class is designed for graduates of Hand Tool Heaven, expanding on those basic skills with an introduction to essential joinery techniques that you'll need to start building projects and furniture. We will cover the fundamentals of layout, sawing, and chisel work through the production of a few common joints. Each day we will introduce a new type of joint, practice several variations, and discuss when and where to use them. The pace is brisk with lots of time to practice!

This is a technique class is designed to help you under the range of joinery that is available to the Hand Tool Woodworker.

Class Description

The Joints:


  • Regular corner
  • Notched edge to end
  • Mitered corner
  • Internal divider

Bridle joints

  • Corner
  • Mitered
  • Double

Rabbet and dado

  •     Shelf through dado
  •     Groove and panel
  •     Corner fillister


  • Through single 
  • Multiple through

Mortise and tenon

  •     Blind
  •     Stub in groove

You  will be provided ample practice stock sized for each type of joint, and you'll be encouraged to try each joint multiple times. The skills focus of the class will be on:

  • Learning to do precision layout. The key to good joinery is good layout and markup. Once you can trust the lines you’ve drawn, you can make a great fit. We show you the tricks to do consistent precise layout that allows you to arrive at a great fit every time. You will learn to use marking gauges, dividers, marking knives, and squares. We use simple geometric techniques to layout of the joints to minimize the possibility of errors . 
  • Precision Sawing: The closer you can cut to the line the less time you have to spending trimming and fitting a joint. So being able to saw to a line is one of the key focuses of the class. We show you the techniques and provide plenty of stock to help you develop the skills.
  • Precision with Chisels: Paring a joint to fit or chopping out waste are easily accomplished with the humble chisel. We will show you how to both clean up from a sawn line and produce joints with a chisel. 
  • Understanding the joints: The best joints are inherently mechanically strong and glue just locks the joint. We will explain and demonstrate the strength and appropriate use for each joint. We'll help you wrap your head around how each joint works, allowing you to avoid the common pitfalls in joinery. 


No tools are required for this class. 


This is a beginning level course. We recommend it as a follow up to Hand Tool Heaven.

See our course series recommendations. 

Class Information and Registration

Class starts at 9:00am on the first day.
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Class size: 10
Cost: $750
Materials Charge: $50

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