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Garrett Hack


Garrett Hack

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Garrett Hack is an internationally known furniture maker, educator, writer, and farmer from Thetford, Vermont. As a furniture maker of more than 40 years, he has created his own aesthetic with award winning designs that push his skills to the next level. He’s also an in-demand woodworking instructor, teaching classes in Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, and Japan.  Hack has a great love of hand tools of all shapes and sizes, and uses them to great affect in everything he builds, sculpting delicate details by eye.

He is a contributing editor at Fine Woodworking and has written two books,The Handplane Book and Classic Hand Tools.

Garrett spends about a quarter of his time teaching throughout the country, Canada and England, and is former chairman of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters.

Books by Garrett Hack

  • The Handplane Book

  • Classic Hand Tools



Website: garretthack.com
Thetford Center, VT