Building Entry Doors

Steve Habersetzer



Solid wood entry doors will withstand years of weather and abuse when built to traditional standards of craftsmanship. In this class you will learn how to build doors using robust large scale mortice and tenon joinery and frame and panel construction. 

Steve Habestezer will teach using a hybrid method that combines of machine and hand tools. You'll earn the efficiencies - where using hand tools is more efficient than machines and vice versa. In this class the emphasis will be on the construction of a durable door and less on the ornamentation - we'll not go deeply into profiles or carved doodads.

In this class we'll aim to build between 2-4 doors - you'll work in teams of 2-3; each team building a door that is different. You'll gain more experience seeing how the other teams solve their construction problems.

What doors will we make? If you want to build a door in class - please let us know well in advance and we'll ask you work to with Steve to determine if your door is a reasonable project for the class. Otherwise there are doors that need to replaced at Fort Worden and we'll work with Park's staff to identify good projects.

The materials charge reflects the cost of the wood you'll use the first couple of days as you learn the skills.

Class Description

The first part of the class covers how to design a door selecting for number of panels, panel style and detailing, and lights (or glass).

Together, the class will construct doors to be installed in near-by locations.  This will allow us to consider the site-specific skills of building to a jamb, hanging a door and installing hardware.

Over six days, the class will 

  • Learn to design a solid frame and panel entry door.
  • Dimension and joint styles and rails with the jointer and planer
  • Surface pieces with hand planes
  • Use mortise and tenon joinery to create frames for “floating” panels
  • Use a jig and router or a drill press to make mortices.
  • Rough out tenons on the bandsaw
  • Clean joinery to precision fits with chisels
  • Make grooves and rabbets using hand planes
  • Dimension and detail panels
  • Learn quick shallow mortising for hinges
  • Discuss jamb construction, hanging a door, weatherstripping and weatherproofing.


The School's workbenches and teaching tools provide high quality hand tools for all the activities in this class. If you have started to build your own kit of hand tools we encourage you  to bring them to the class.

You will be using a variety of machine tools in this class. Please bring hearing, dust and ear protection.


Students who have taken Jim’s Hand Tool Heaven class or the Hand Saw Essentials and Hand Plane Essentials classes in our Basic Of Woodworking program will find this a great class to add joinery skills to their repertoire.

We recommend that you have experience of using stationary power tools prior to taking this class.

Class Information and Registration

Class starts at 9:00am on the first day.

Please read our What to Expect page for general information about the School.

Please also read our Registration Policy.

Class size: 10

Cost: $ 800

Materials Charge: $ 25

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