Guilty (almost) as charged......

We've got some feedback from the courses that we've presented so far that we appear to be endorsing some manufacturers and local suppliers.

We've struggled with this and decided that we have to be a little unabashed by this. We state very early in our courses that what we are teaching is informed by our collective experience and that we are trying to keep the choices presented to our students simple and straightforward.

The manufacturer name that comes up most in this context is Festool. Festool hand power tools have taken the professional market by storm - the levels of quality, reliability and ease of use are extremely high and this translates into time saved when building cabinets and furniture professionally. The tools are definitely spendy.

There is also a significant safety component in the design of these tools - they are designed to do the job well and safely. As teachers it is very difficult (and potentially risky) for us to either demonstrate or suggest techniques that are potentially unsafe. Any power tool can be misused or abused but the design of these tools minimize the chances of inadvertent injury.

There are other options and where practical we will discuss them. If in the future other manufacturers are spurred to create better, more accurate and safer tools (and we get experience with them) - we would be happy to recommend them.

Using good tools in teaching allows us to focus on technique, setup, efficiency and minimizing everyday errors - a critical part of the safe teaching of woodworking.

Similarly we've been accused of bias towards Edensaw (the hardwood supplier in Port Townsend). We, each and collectively, have good working relationships with Kiwi and Charlie (the founders of Edensaw) and with Brenda, Sam, Mark and the rest of the gang. Edensaw is close at hand and we save a lot of time and fuel by working with these good folks. So please indulge us if we mention Edensaw frequently. We will try to find alternative suppliers and link to their sites on the website. If you know folks that we should use - please let us know.